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Active Duty
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Hung recruit Mike O’Brian solo for Active Duty


Active Duty: Mike O’Brian is an all around man’s man and his chest has the perfect amount of hair for any man to gaze at and run their fingers through. Mike slowly works up his cock as he is in no rush. He loves to enjoy himself and as he strokes his meat you can see just how big that cock really is. He has a thick cock with big full balls that are ready to explode at any time.

He switches hands constantly as he strokes his hard thick dick all the while gazing into the camera. Mike positions himself for the ending and as he lies back stroking his dick his cock erupts blasting cum straight up out of his cock and it lands all over his balls and stomach. His nut is thick creamy and amazing to see.

Watch Mike O’Brian stroke his big cock for Active Duty


Date: May 29, 2019
Actors: Mike O'Brian