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Raging Stallion: Dante Colle fucks Logan Stevens


Raging Stallion – “At Large” (part 3): Ricky Larkin interrogates psychic witness Dante Colle after the retelling of his vision of the events. True to form, Ricky is smug and treats Dante more as a suspect than a legit lead in the case. Ricky sends Dante packing and lets him know that he’ll be watching him closely. When Dante gets home to his boyfriend, Logan Stevens, Logan is upset with the way Dante was treated. Dante assures him that everything will be okay and the two studs hit the shower where they start making out and getting each other hard. Logan goes down on Dante, taking his big dick in his mouth until Logan is ready for more.

After a quick taste of Dante’s hole, the guys move it to the bedroom where Logan throws himself onto the bed to offer his hole up for the taking. Dante slides his dick into Logan’s eager ass and pumps away, opening Logan up with each thrust from his raging hard-on. Logan wants to see Dante as he gets pumped and switches it up to ride his boyfriend. After bouncing on Dante’s pole, Logan flips over one last time and takes it even deeper with his legs in the air. Dante hits just the right spot and makes Logan erupt with cum as his ass clenches around Dante’s meat. After a few more thrusts, Dante can’t hold back and pulls out to cover his boyfriend with his load. When Dante falls asleep, Logan gets a mysterious call and leaves to meet whoever is on the other end. What is Logan up to and is it somehow related to the murder?

Watch Dante Colle fuck Logan Stevens in the full-length video


Date: May 10, 2019