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CockyBoys threeway: Alam Wernik, Clark Davis & Ben Masters


CockyBoys: Joyfully uninhibited exhibitionist Alam Wernik makes his debut as a CockyBoys Exclusive in a big way: a raw three-way with Ben Masters & Clark Davis! He goes at it with Clark as Ben watches, but Alam is less interested in teasing Ben than gleefully inviting him in for a group make-out session. Gradually though, cock-hungry Alam is on his knees to enthusiastically suck BOTH guys and turn them on even more.

The lustful trio takes it to bed for an oral chain but soon their focus shifts to double-teaming each other. First, Ben sucks & rims a vocal Alam while Clark kisses him and feeds him cock. Ben slowly turns to sucking both his buddies and just as smoothly they form a rim train with Alam in the middle. It isn’t long before Ben & Clark spit-roast Alam with Ben driving hard into him as he sucks Clark. Ben stays in charge as they graduate to a fuck train with Clark in the middle and Alam taking the force of both guys.

When they shift to a wild fuck tower Alam rides Clark’s cock hard & deep and keeps going as he adroitly spins around to kiss him as Ben thrusts up into Clark. Finally they double-team Alam again with Clark drilling him on his back as Ben sucks his thick cock. Ben can’t hold back and turns to give Alam a thick facial and seconds later Clark shoots his load over him. Alam tastes both loads and with their cum still on his lips he shoots his. The giddily satisfied trio share more kisses and Alam Wernik exults “Thank you for my welcome!”

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Date: June 4, 2019