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Scott Finn fucks his hot step-brother Elliot Finn


Next Door Studios – “Caught In The Act”: When Scott Finn finds his step-brother laying legs wide open and ramming a giant dildo into his ass, he considers the possibility that maybe his brother is gay. Barging into the room, he confirms his suspicions the only way he knows how- by shoving his cock into his step-brother’s mouth. Sure enough, Elliott sucks his dick down to the base, tonguing at Scott’s balls as he jerks his dick. Scott is leaning towards a definite maybe, but he decides to gather more information.

Sure enough – when he returns the favor and starts sucking on Elliot’s dick – Elliot Scott gets rock hard just like a gay guy would. Scott’s pretty sure his stepbrother is gay, but just to be sure, he flips Elliot Scott over and fucks his bareback hole all the bed, pounding it until Scott can no longer contain himself, and as he pulls out and jizzes all over Elliot, he’s sure of it; his step-brother is definitely at least a little bit gay.

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Date: June 20, 2019