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Next Door Studios
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Alex James, Dominic Green & Lance Ford fuck at Next Door Studios


Next Door Studios – “3 Can Play That Game”: Well, well, well… it looks like Alex James‘ secret is about to catch up to him. It seems Alex has been running around on his boyfriend Dominic Green for the last 3 months. When his sidepiece confronts Dominic, he finds out Alex and Dominic have been together for 4 years, and he’s the one being played. Dejected, he apologizes for being a home-wrecker, but Dominic is surprisingly calm. In fact, the whole situation gives Dominic an idea of how he and Alex can spice up their sex life, and he invites Lance to be in on it. After all, one look at Lance Ford and Dominic has to admit: at least Alex picked a hot one to cheat with. But now it’s time for Alex’s two worlds to collide, and Dominic has the perfect scenario in mind.

Watch Alex James, Dominic Green and Lance Ford fuck


Date: July 25, 2019