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Andre Donovan bottoms for Arad Winwin


Lucas Entertainment – “Gentlemen 26: Long, Hard Hours” (scene 3): Arad Winwin is a powerful Persian business tycoon who is not afraid to use his influence to get men to do whatever he wants whenever he wants. Arad is well aware of Andre Donovan and his business acumen in New York, and he’s also aware of Andre’s personal life as an alpha top in the city and how it intermingles with his white-collar life. Arad makes it his mission on his business trip to New York to make Andre work very long and very hard for his executive contract, and that means Andre Donovan, a total top, is going to have to bottom for the first time and take a hard pounding from Arad Winwin and his rock-hard raw cock!

Watch Andre Donovan bottom for Arad Winwin at Lucas Entertainment


Date: July 27, 2019