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Lucas Entertainment: Jackson Radiz gets fucked by JJ Knight


Lucas Entertainment – “A Cuckold’s Submission” (part 1): JJ Knight treats his young boyfriend, Braxton Boyd, like a prince. He takes him on lavish vacations, buys him whatever he wants, and showers him with attention and admiration. But behind closed doors, JJ and Braxton share a gay cuckold fetish. Braxton wishes to have sex withheld from him sometimes, and instead he watches JJ fuck around with other guys. Braxton is only allowed to interact when JJ and his new lover allow it. Braxton even goes so far as to find guys for JJ Knight to dominate, and it’s Jackson Radiz he finds for this particular gay cuckolding encounter. While Jackson worship’s JJ’s body and raw cock, Braxton is allowed to only suck on Jackson’s feet and taste their cocks when JJ allows him!

Watch Jackson Radiz bottom for JJ Knight at Lucas Entertainment


Date: July 7, 2019