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Tannor Reed and Logan Cross get fucked by Mickey and Colby


Colby Knox – “Full On Fuck Fest”: Sexy flexible newcomer Tannor Reed and long time favorite muscle hunk Logan Cross are both in town to have some fun with Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox. The fun of doing videos like this is nobody knows quite what’s going to happen, no script, no planning, no pre-established roles – just sexy boys letting it all hang out and having some unbridled fun for an audience. The 4 some starts out with a number of different positions and combinations involving oral fun, sucking some big fat cocks and licking some tight toned asses!!! The boys don’t dally around to long though before they all start setting their eyes on more of a main course. The boys wind up pairing off- Colby Chambers with Tannor Reed and Logan Cross with Mickey Knox, and the hardcore butt fucking begins! So much energy, moaning and lust in this show, we’re pretty sure the neighbors could feel this scene in progress! The sexy 4-some ALL get what they want in this one, eventually all crossing the finish line with some wet, gushing loads of cum and ecstasy!

Watch Tannor and Logan bottom for Mickey and Colby


Date: July 1, 2019