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Beaux Banks gets fucked by his straight neighbor Justin Matthews

0% – “Anatomy of a Men Scene” (scene 2): In the second part of “Anatomy of a MEN Scene”, Beaux Banks gives us a peek into the everyday life of the hero of a scene. From waking up with an eerie feeling that he’s about to have anal sex to an unexpected visit from his married neighbor, we see all of the bumps and surprises that make up a day in the life of the average citizen of the cinematic universe.

Through a series of unavoidable circumstances, straight neighbor Justin Matthews ends up with his eager lips wrapped around Beaux’s cock while trying to make his wife a cake. The first-time-fellator does his best, swallowing Beaux Banks’ hard cock down to the balls then sucking and licking those, too. Soon Beaux is bent over his kitchen counter taking the kind of hardcore pounding that straight men always seem to deliver if given the opportunity, fucking Beaux until the tattooed cutie can’t contain his moans of pure pleasure and blows his load right there in the kitchen.

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Date: August 18, 2019