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CockyBoys: Levi Karter bottoms for Greg McKeon and takes his raw dick


CockyBoys: Levi Karter is back to welcome Greg McKeon for his first CockyBoys appearance! Greg is excited to be here with Levi who is just his type…as you’ll see once they make out in a sensual, near-romantic manner. Greg gets rock hard fast and just as quickly gets naked to vividly enjoy the Levi treatment: a full, enthusiastic deep-throated blowjob and ball sucking. And as Greg vocally relishes the pleasure he starts to play with Levi’s hole.

Greg turns his attention to giving back with some eager sucking of his own ..which gets Levi even more excited. In time Greg flips limber Levi’s legs back so he can devour his tasty hole. Levi wants that hole filled and soon he nimbly mounts Greg and rides his cock hard & deep. And Levi keeps riding cock as strong & lusty Greg fucks him in mid-air. Before long he fucks Levi on his back bringing them both close to the edge.

A return to some foreplay doesn’t last long before Levi is back riding Greg again and working his hole on his cock. Greg gets another taste of cock when Levi face fucks him, but he takes control again and fucks Levi standing up. In no time Greg is ready to cum and he gets Levi on his knees to give him a wild facial. Levi slurps Greg’s mushroom head and keeps sucking until he shoots a mini-geyser over himself. As they kiss again you’ll see Greg & Levi couldn’t be happier.

Watch Levi Karter take Greg McKeon’s raw dick at CockyBoys


Date: August 22, 2019