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Gabriel Phoenix and Tyler Berg spit-roast Lukas Daken

0% – “Social Climber” (scene 3): Gabriel Phoenix‘s quest for revenge reaches its climax as he finally returns to Tyler Berg‘s home. Gabriel uses his knowledge of Tyler’s taste for soft bondage and Thursday quickies to get the drop on the domineering pillar of the community. After briefly teasing the bearded hunk, Gabriel reveals all that he’s learned about Tyler’s accounts, but when Tyler realizes it’s Gabriel he’s shocked, having thought that Gabriel was the one who had tried to leave him behind. The sexy couple realize that Tyler’s assistant Lukas Daken has been the one orchestrating their separation and decide to teach the slim and sexy servant a lesson. Gabriel and Tyler take turns touching and teasing Lukas, fucking his mouth and ass while he moans in ecstasy. The three sexy European hunks fuck and suck wildly in this celebratory reunion that ends with Lukas Daken covered in Tyler and Gabriel’s cum.

Watch Gabriel Phoenix and Tyler Berg fuck Lukas Daken


Date: August 6, 2019