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Lucas Entertainment: Muscle God Arad Winwin raw-fucks Dylan James


Lucas Entertainment – “Arad Winwin Alpha Top” (scene 1): Arad Winwin is a beautiful Persian muscle god, and this guy’s sex drive is always on fire. Arad is especially attracted to other muscular guys, and he loves getting his hands all over a worked-out guy before he gets him on his back and breeds his hole. Dylan James has wanted to get into bed with Arad Winwin for a long time now, and he finally has his chance. Dylan and Arad first touch and explore each other’s muscles before they whip out their dicks and give each other wet and sloppy blowjobs. But Dylan can’t control himself, and soon gets on his back so Arad can show him the true alpha-top Persian he is. Dylan has never been bred like this before!

Watch Arad Winwin bareback Dylan James in the full video



Date: August 30, 2019