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Next Door Studios
Family Cuckolds
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Dacotah Red raw-fucks Michael Jackman at Next Door Studios


Next Door Studios = “Deep Inspection”: Before Michael Jackman sells he wants to make sure everything is in order so there aren’t any surprises. He calls Dacotah Red over to take one last look over some details in the bedroom. Once there, Michael points out some areas in need of some caulking. Dacotah has, of course, never heard this one before and starts to feel his pants get tighter. When Michael grabs his hand and asks him if he’s into a cocking, Dacotah smiles and throws him on the bed. If it’s an inspection he wants, it’s an inspection he’ll get… a nice, long, deep inspection. Dacotah Red makes sure every inch is explored as he deep dives and gives Michael Jackman’s concerns the thorough attention he deserves. Michael soon realizes why Dacotah cums so highly recommended in the field.

Watch Dacotah Red fuck Michael Jackman at Next Door Studios


Date: September 4, 2019