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Johnny B and Quin Quire fuck each other at Next Door Studios


Next Door Studios – “Friendly Fix”: Johnny B‘s been having some trouble lately with his boyfriend, so he visits buddy Quin Quire to get some advice on what he should do. Quin tells him he really isn’t sure, since he’s never actually had to deal with an unsatisfied lover. This raises Johnny’s eyebrow immediately, and he decides the easiest thing to do about his sexual frustration is to find someone to fuck him right. Quin is more than willing to do the deed, and Johnny begs him to fuck him relentlessly.

This is music to Quin’s ears and he wastes no time obliging Johnny. He throws him back on the bed and proceeds to have his way with him, sucking him off before raw dicking him all over the bed. Johnny turns beet red as Quin Quire chokes him while pounding his hole, and as he lets up, Johnny B shoots his load all over himself as Quin pulls out and blasts his face. Cum covered and exhausted, Johnny smiles at how easy the solution to his problem was, after all.

Watch Johnny B and Quin Quire fuck at Next Door Studios



Date: September 11, 2019
Actors: Johnny B / Quin Quire