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0% – “Running Butthole Challenge” (scene 2): Johnny Rapid has decided that he’s going to take part in the Running Butthole Challenge, even if it means causing a hell of a ruckus in his hotel room as he repeatedly tries and fails to get the angle right. Cassidy Clyde in the room next door is trying to get some business done, but Johnny’s crashing and cussing is driving him up the wall.

Cassidy goes to Johnny’s room to see what’s causing the commotion and finds the aspiring acrobat wedged between his bed and the wall. Cassidy Clyde and Johnny Rapid come to an agreement, that big-dicked Cassidy will help Johnny out if he can make it worth his while. Soon enough sweet faced Cassidy is sliding his massive cock into Johnny’s waiting hole. Johnny takes it all, letting Cassidy pound him all over the hotel room before rolling over and letting Johnny return the favor until Johnny’s ready to blast his cum all over Cassidy’s face.

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Date: September 7, 2019