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Cory Kane and Mateo Vice fuck each other at CockyBoys


CockyBoys: Mateo Vice’s adventures in Montreal continue, this time flip-fucking condom-free with his host Cory Kane! After having fun together and building up some sexual tension, by sneaking in a little oral, they finally get together on camera. Making out leads to Mateo sucking Cory in his full deep-throated style and then feeding him cock when Cory reciprocates – and playing with his ass. The guys make out some more before Mateo flips Cory on his stomach and hungrily eats his ass. After days of waiting Mateo slides his cock into Cory and enthusiastically pounds him balls deep.

Cory loves it and works his hole on Mateo’s cock, getting him so hard that Mateo wants to ride his throbber. After Cory eats his ass Mateo rides him just as deep as he topped Cory – who wants to flip. Cory backs up against Mateo’s cock to ride him. It doesn’t take long before Mateo is using Cory’s hole like a sex toy and thrusting in and out. He can’t hold back and shoots over Cory’s hole and fucks that load into him – and keeps cumming inside! Mateo’s twitching hole is Cory’s target now as he fucks him hard on his back, leading him to shoot onr his hole and inside it. Was it all worth the wait? The fact they can’t stop making out should give you the answer.

Watch Cory Kane & Mateo Vice fuck each other at CockyBoys



Date: October 8, 2019