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Sharok and Alex Mecum fuck at Raging Stallion


Raging Stallion – “Blood Moon: Timberwolves 2” (scene 3): Back at their cabin, Alex Mecum and Sharok await Drake Masters, who stinks of sex and something else. They try to deal with this maverick lone wolf threatening to expose the pack with his reckless behavior. Sharok is flustered and frustrated by the cocky punk, but Alex knows how to distract and comfort him: with the girthy giant straining the pouch on his long john thermals. Alex pulls Sharok into a passionate hug for some deep kissing as they grope their way out of their clothes.

Sharok’s furry crack outlined by his jockstrap finds Alex’s wandering hand, just as the muscle-stud drops down to take Alex’s huge boner into his wet mouth and give him a greedy cock gobbling blowjob. Alex is hungry for Sharok’s big dick too and sucks him till they’re both rock hard and tearing off their pants. Sharok gets on all fours and offers up his perfect ass and hairy hole ‘It’s all yours, babe,’ which Alex eagerly takes, first with a long rim job and then a hard, raw, bareback fuck. Sharok can’t get enough and fucks back with abandon, then goes ass to mouth to taste his own hole on Alex’s fuck stick. Sharok gets piggy eating Alex’s butt before getting plowed again: bent over the stove, standing up and then sitting all the way down upon Alex’s rod on the couch, riding and bouncing and milking out massive loads of jizz.

Watch Sharok and Alex Mecum fuck at Raging Stallion


Date: November 28, 2019