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Cory Kane fucks Wess Russel’s bare ass at CockyBoys


CockyBoys: Wess Russel is back and Cory Kane has got him in this condom-less, special late night scene! At first Wess is alone, lying in bed, deep in thought until the door opens and he smiles as a towel-clad Cory walks in. No words are exchanged as their eyes meet and they make out in bed and by the hotel room window. After their hard cocks are revealed and stroked together, Cory sits and Wess hungrily sucks him.

Wess soon wants more and gets on the bed to offer up the sold muscled ass stretching his briefs and tease Cory. Cory takes the bait and tugs aside the underwear to rim and tongue Wess’ hole and full balls. Finally the briefs come off and after a little more teasing Cory gives Wess the cock he’s been begging for through his moans and groans.

Cory wastes no time plowing Wess deep from behind and works his cock harder & harder. Cory soon takes Wess standing on the bed, drilling him against the headboard before relenting and letting him ride his cock. Wess works his hole on Cory’s cock and builds up to a huge load shot all over Cory’s bod. Right after Cory turns over Wess, cums over his hole & breeds him deep. As they kiss, Cory has just one word for the experience: “incredible”.

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Date: December 7, 2019