Sean Cody
Noir Male
Next Door Studios
Family Cuckolds
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Dacotah Red bottoms for Jackson Cooper at Next Door Studios


Next Door Studios – “The Initiator: Pledge Pounding”: One of the main reasons Dacotah Red loves the new pledges is that they have so much to learn about frat life, so as a big brother, he views it not only as his job, but a welcome pleasure and fringe benefit, especially when they come packing the goods like his latest newbie. Straight pledge Jackson Cooper isn’t feeling it so far, and he’s about to ditch out on the whole idea when Dacotah tells him he has a lot to learn. Jackson asks what he means, and Dacotah tells him there’s plenty of fun to be had with just the guys, and the best thing about the frat life is that what happens between brothers, stays between brothers, and by the time Dacotah is done with him, he’ll be more than glad he decided to take the big plunge and pledge.

Watch Dacotah Red bottom for Jackson Cooper at Next Door Studios


Date: December 12, 2019