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Joey Mills gets his bare ass fucked by Tom Bentley

0% – “The Ultimate Pretty Boy”: When pop sensation Joey Mills races into Tom Bentley’s barbershop for a trim, the famous twink won’t even hold still, let alone put down his guitar, so Tom shows Joey that at least in his shop, he’s in charge. Tom rips open Joey’s shirt and gets the twink good and wet as he shampoos his hair. Joey complains about the hair on his clothes as Tom gives him a trim, so the barber brushes him off, letting the brush trail over his chest and his bulge. Tom sucks Joey’s cock and then feeds Joey his own before eating the popstar’s ass and fucking him doggystyle in the chair. The guys 69, then Tom pounds Joey till the twink cums. The stylist blasts a massive load on that famous face as Joey sucks out every last drop of his jizz. But Tom has one more lesson for his customer…

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Date: December 25, 2019