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Logan Cross gets fucked by Ryan Rose at Falcon Studios


Falcon Studios – “Bareback Ranch” (Scene 4): Hitchhiker Logan Cross is thumbing his way down the highway looking for more than just a ride. Lucky for him, built stud Ryan Rose happens along in his pick-up truck on his way home from work and picks Logan up at the side of the road. Proving the old trucker saying ‘There’s no such thing as a free ride — passengers better give up ass, gas or grass’ — Logan shows his gratitude by nosediving into Ryan’s lap right there in the truck while they’re driving. Ryan sees he’s got a live one on his hands and takes Logan to ‘Bareback Ranch’, where he pounds the living daylights out of the wandering stranger with his massive hard dick spraying a giant load on (and in) his ass.

Watch Logan Cross bottom for Ryan Rose at Falcon Studios


Date: December 26, 2019