Sean Cody
Noir Male
Next Door Studios
Family Cuckolds
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Carter Woods bottoms for Donte Thick at Next Door Studios


Next Door Studios – “You Owe Me”: When he returns home from his business trip to find his place thrashed, Donte Thick is none too happy with house-sitter Carter Woods. Pissed and venting, Donte tells Carter he’s gonna have to owe him, and Donte has a particular favor in mind when he says it. Carter may be shitty at keeping house but he’s pure aces when it comes to keeping a man happy, and he turns on his talents for Donte, easing his tension and anger with a little oral relief before giving him a ‘hole’ lotta love. By the time he’s through, it’s Donte making a mess of things, and with a lick of his lips, Carter’s debt is paid in full… at least until the next time.

Watch Carter Woods and Donte Thick fuck at Next Door Studios


Date: January 14, 2020