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Next Door Studios
Family Cuckolds
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Road hoe Lance Ford gets fucked by Dante Colle and Aspen


Next Door Studios – “Road Hoe”: If there’s one thing step-brothers Aspen and Dante Colle like more than mom’s cooking, it’s picking up some stranger and having their way. Neither Aspen nor Dante are very particular, but when they speed past hitchhiker Lance Ford in his little short shorts, they realize they’ve struck road gold. Dante tries to play it cool but Aspen goes with a much more direct approach, and though Lance is taken back at first, he eventually warms up to the idea of taking these two up on their offer for a ride. It’ll turn out to be the ride of Lance’s life, as he soon finds himself in a good ol’ boy sandwich, with a healthy double helping of country cock to feast on.

Watch Lance Ford bottom for Dante Colle and Aspen



Date: January 15, 2020