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Vadim Romanov raw-fucks Franky Fox at Men At Play


Men At Play – “Ambitiousest”: Franky Fox is an ambitious cocky weatherman, with an upcoming interview to become the lead news anchor. After giving the daily weather update, his assistant Vadim Romanov meets him in his dressing room. Subsequently, Vadim informs Franky that the anchor position has been filled. He’s berated and called useless. Apparently, Franky’s assistant Vadim is only good for one thing.

And, when it looks like Franky is about to give Vadim a rough fuck, it turns out to be the other way around. Vadim takes control; licking and worshiping Franky’s shoes and fucking him hard and raw – cumming all over his sheer socks and then licking it clean. Where can I find an assistant with those skills?

Watch Vadim Romanov fuck Franky Fox at Men At Play


Date: February 6, 2020