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Adrian, Diego and Wagner in a raw threesome


Chaosmen : Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vittoria are on holiday when they meet up with a hot local, Adrian Monroy. Adrian is blown away that these two perfect specimens of manhood have wandered into his small village. Diego and Wagner return to their rented flat with their own local tour guide in tow. Adrian is mesmerized as Diego and Wagner release their huge, meaty cocks from the confines of their jeans. Dropping to his knees, Adrian begins to worship and pleasure his visitor’s handsome cocks.

Adrian works himself into a frenzy of cock sucking as he turns from one masterpiece cock to the other. Diego and Wagner move Adrian into a suck train with Adrian sucking Wagner and Wagner pleasuring his husband’s cock. Moving into a more aggressive position, Adrian begins to fuck Diego’s mouth as Wagner begins fucking his smooth ass with his probing tongue. With Adrian’s ass sufficiently lubed up with his spit, Wagner rams his raw cock into that hot, smooth ass.

Adrian opens himself up to pure pleasure as he allows both Wagner and Diego to fuck him from either end at will. Diego and Wagner test Adrian’s limits by withdrawing their cocks then plunging them back into his ass and mouth. Adrian responds spectacularly. Being fucked from both ends has caused Adrian to unleash his thick load of cum as the fucking continues. Our handsome visiting couple move into a position that they both know will bring forth total pleasure.

Wagner squats his furry ass down onto Diego’s straining cock and begins riding him hard while he sucks Adrian’s cock clean of its cum. Diego pumps his hot cock deep inside of Wagner’s ass as Wagner’s balls draw up tight. These two know exactly how to bring the best out of each other. As Wagner’s ass begins to spasm it triggers Diego’s cock to shower Wagner’s balls and ass with his hot load of cum. With Diego’s hot cum coating his balls, Wagner explodes his huge load of cum as Diego continues to fill him with his slick cock. Be kind to the tourists, they might have something special for you.

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Date: October 10, 2017