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Bulldog Pit: Krys Perez and Haigan Sence


Bulldog Pit: Krys Perez and Haigan Sence were hanging out, chilling. Trouble is, Haigan was horny. Then again, when isn’t he? Always up for a scene, shoving his cock in a tight hole and getting off, Haigan made sure to let Krys know he had a 7-day load aching for release. Krys, who prefers to top, just gave it all up and turned into a big submissive for Haigan, who took what he wanted, stretching out Krys’ holes with some deep drilling. Krys wanted to see Haigan shoot so he laid back and jerked off as Haigan unloaded all over his face and down his throat. Can’t you just taste it?

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Date: December 4, 2017