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Sean Cody
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Handsome newcomer Romeo jerks off for Sean Cody


Sean Cody: Dark-haired and attractive Romeo is a 22-year-old health fanatic who loves getting in his cardio any way he can. His tall, muscular and athletic body definitely shows off his dedication. He’s pretty much into any sport that keeps him fit, he loves spending time with friends and just enjoying life. “I’ve never had an experience with a guy, but I would love to try it out and I would love to have my dick sucked by a dude,” says Romeo. “I’m a big guy, I want to manhandle someone. Just being able to throw them around like a rag doll is awesome. That is something that I am excited about for sure!”

Watch handsome newcomer Romeo jerk off at Sean Cody


Date: July 17, 2018
Actors: Romeo (SC)