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Chad Norman fucks Dorian James’ virgin hole


GayHoople : It’s always hot seeing a guy get fucked for the first time. Dorian James and Chad Norman had already spent a couple days hanging out together in Phoenix so they were already becoming bros… we knew that would happen. They’re both pretty chill guys so we wanted to let them become friends before we threw them together. A note on Dorian James: He’s BIG. Muscular and strong. A gentle giant. But he’s never been fucked before. Chad Norman is usually a bottom, but they decided to switch it up for this one. So we get to see Dorian discover what it feels like to get a nice stiff dick in his butt. As soon as the kissing started, Chad’s hands were going for Dorian’s crotch… so we knew this was gonna be another winner of a scene. Chad waited maybe a minute before he said “take that shirt off, I wanna see that chest.” Chad had said he was turned on by Dorian’s shoulders… Dorian said he was turned on by Chad’s southern accent. So when Chad asked “you wanna suck me off?”, we knew the fire was already burning. Dorian buried his face in Chad’s crotch and we saw that his own dick was already hard in his shorts. Both guys are into this. They keep talking to each other and laughing a bit, but they keep looking at each other and touching. Chad can’t wait to get his face in Dorian’s ass. That muscular butt is a big handful. “You’re about to get fucked silly” you excited about that?” Chad asks Dorian. Yes. He’s ready. Chad starts slow but very soon he’s slamming his dick into Dorian’s hole. Dorian buries his face in the bed and takes it. He can’t get enough. Chad’s hairy crotch rubbing up against Dorian’s smooth butt while he taunts him about fucking his “Virgin Ass” is gonna drive you over the edge. Switching to missionary, Chad is no longer holding back and he’s letting Dorian have it HARD. Dorian is pushed RIGHT to his limit in that “pleasure and pain” moment. Chad kinda taunts him with “c’mon… you can take it.” Finally Chad can’t take any more and he blows his load all over Dorian. Watch his muscles flex and tighten while he squirts that loud out. Dorian’s big smile lets us know he liked it… Chad’s dick is still hard. “Tightest ass I’ve ever fucked before.”

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Date: October 27, 2017