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GayHoopla: Adrian and Zach fuck Julian


Well, Gents… here it is, that moment you’ve been waiting for. When we posted a short preview on Twitter of Julian Rodriguez getting his ass cherry popped by not one but TWO of our big-dicked boys, the reaction was big and swift. Pretty much like the pounding that Julian took.  Zach Douglas and Adrian Monroe had both asked to be the guy that did the honors of getting their dick in his ass. Julian was nervous… said he wasn’t sure just what he was nervous about… but we all know it was just getting fucked by the first time by TWO of your buddies. The bodies are smooth, the cocks and ass crack are nice and hairy. Let’s have some fun.  Julian is 18 and very new to sex with anyone… but especially guys. You’d never know. Zach and Adrian were both REALLY into this. They kept telling him how sexy he was… and the whole scene feels so… innocent. The three young men are just doing what comes naturally… the kissing and touching they just do. Adrian and Zach sandwiched his body between them while they kissed and licked every inch of him. They get down his pants (his dick already half-hard through his shorts) and bents him over, taking turns burying their faces in his hole. “So tight I can barely feel my tongue in that ass” Zach tells him. Julian clearly has never had his hole played with at all… he starts to squeal out with that “Oh fuck, that’s how good that feels” vibe… then the words come… “Oh fuck… dominate me.” OH yeah, he wants it. He’s ready. Zach gets down and sucks Adrian’s already-hard-as-a-rock dick. The anticipation is off the chart here. Seeing Julian’s hard dick dripping pre-cum with his hairy crack pulled open… you know this is gonna be fun. Seeing these young bucks all just going for it is what Gay Hoopla is all about. Zach gets Julian on his back with his legs in the air and slides his dick into that virgin hole. Julian at first is barely holding on as that big dick slams in again and again. But as the fucking goes on, his hole opens to receive it and you can tell he’s loving the feeling of that first fucking. “Wanna switch?” Douglas takes a turn getting Julian’s ass and continues to fund that hairy young, tight hold. As he thrusts away, his abs flex and his body looks amazing. “You like that virgin ass?” Julian asks. Yeah. They do. “Aw, shit, didn’t think I’d bust so quick” yells Douglas, before he pulls out and lets out a big load of cum all over Julian’s ass. Now it’s Zach’s turn again, this time with Julian laying down on his side getting fucked from behind. You can tell how much he likes it… even with Zach’s dick slamming in and out of his hairy hole, Julian’s cock has stayed hard. He starts to jerk off his own impressively big dick and blows a BIG load while Zach continues to fuck him. This guy cums a lot. The fucking isn’t done. Zach still needs to bust his own load so he slides back in and fucks him hard until he’s ready to blow his own load all over Julain’s no-longer-virgin ass.

Watch Adrian Monroe & Zach Douglas fuck virgin boy Julian Rodriguez


Date: November 4, 2017