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GayHoopla: Bradley Whitman and Derek Jones flip-fuck


Bradley Whitman had come just to shoot a solo scene, but Derek Jones got a look at him and wanted to get into some action. That huge dick made Derek a bit nervous, but he knew the pairing would be a hit. Derek talked Bradley into doing a flip-fuck scene. Bradley has never ever even kissed a guy, but someone as handsome as Bradley… hey, who better for your first time? If you wanna see the pre-show antics for this scene, check out Bradley’s solo… it ends with him sticking a few butt plugs up into his asshole (“it felt good”) and getting ready for his first dick. Derek talked him into this, so remind me to send him a something special. The scene opens with a bit of a pre-fuck interview and while Bradley looks a bit nervous to take his first dick, Bradley’s smile goes from ear to ear and you can tell how much he’s looking forward to it (even if he’s a bit worried about taking that big dick in his hole). The moment that “very first kiss with a guy” starts, Bradley’s hand goes right to Derek’s crotch so… you know he’s been thinking about this for a bit. Derek wastes no time getting his mouth on Bradley’s body. That smooth, long and lean frame with just a bit of blond hair. Can we say that “Let’s get you down here, boy” is even hotter when said with a southern accent? “You like that cock in my mouth for the first time?” Derek asks (Derek is already hard as a rock while he sucks Bradley). Not long before Bradley is hard himself. It’s Bradley’s turn to suck dick and while we were expecting him to but a bit timid, he’s not. After seeing Derek do it, he just pounces on it and sucks it (“really well” Derek told us). Bradley spreads Derek open and slides into his first asshole. Derek is stretched to his limit. “That’s tight” Bradley tells him. At first he’s fucking slow but once he gets that first bit of hole, Bradley starts to pound him hard…. very hard. Derek just keeps taunting him to give him more, harder and harder. Bradley starts to fuck Derek with that raw, natural animal energy that guys get when they fuck their first ass. He really lets him have it. Derek suddenly just spontaneously cums while getting fucked. Once Derek thinks he’s ready, he gets Bradley on his back and slides in. We get the perfect shot of Bradley on his back, shot from above as Derek gives him his first dick in his hole. At first he’s got that tense face telling us that he’s barely able to hang on, but once his hole opens, he really likes it and takes Derek any way he can. Derek blows his load all over Bradley’s ass. A big load. Once that scene is over, we get an interview with the men about how Brad’s first experience was… You’re going to like this scene a lot.

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Date: November 19, 2017