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Tree Huggers: Devin Lewis and Nicholas Romero flip-fuck


8teenboy – “Tree Huggers”: After a fun filled day date complete with kisses in the park and tree climbing, Devin Lewis and Nicholas Romero head for home to explore their budding young sexuality. The barely legal lust bunnies lay some lovin’ on one another’s pink, pouty lips before Devin makes his way down south to taste Nicholas’ naughty bits. Lewis lunges tonsils first, gobbling every inch of this smooth, spicy latin’s love lance. Romero’s gotten bolder since we’ve last seen him and orders Lewis to stand up so he can play some cocky hockey on the boy’s stiff stick. The bronze boy palms the balls while working Devin’s dick inside his deep throat. Romero’s rump is literally a gay wet dream, round and plump and smooth as silk, plus it can take a fucking POUNDING! Lewis goes in for a lip smacking lick-a-thon, eating his way to Nick’s heart before the boy with the beautiful booty orders him to stand up and dick him down! He definitely gets that big, beautiful, bareback wish and just keeps squealing for more. Devin puts his leg on the bed so he can bring the hammer down and really take the boy to pound town. Devin orders Romero on top for a ride which he does more than happily but in keeping with his newfound cocky confidence, he pushes Lewis backwards onto the bed! We like this new side of the cock sure kid! Just when we thought naughty Nicholas couldn’t surprise us anymore, the guys flip and Romero fuckin’ rails Devin’s derriere complete with a super hard, ass slapping soundtrack! Romero has been our quintessential fantastic bottom for a bit, but apparently he’s been hiding a hard hammering top behind that pretty fuck me boy face, and we ain’t mad one bit! Devin takes a seriously hard dicking from the kid while his bone bounces and jumps for joy! Soon he reaches down, needing to give his nuts some sweet relief. He squirts the dark duvet with his white hot load as our surprise slam master just keeps cramming cock into his happy hole. Romero is ready to cross the finish line and rocket blasts the boy’s butt, squirting his hot, young spunk all over Lewis’ love canal and up his back! Naughty Nick teases his bottom’s butt hole with his still engorged apple headed hog, massaging all his liquid assets into the kid’s can.

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Date: February 11, 2018