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Bradley Whitman jerks off for GayHoopla


Bradley Whitman is in the car on the way to shoot his first solo, just a bit nervous but already talking about how the first time he tried to have sex “we wanted to fuck” but “we couldn’t get it in.” That’s the first indication of just how big his dick is. Derek Jones, GayHoopla’s newest videographer, gets a few shots of Bradley doing a pre-porn shoot pump at the gym and we’re ready to go.

Bradley is long and lean. Chiseled abs and just a bit of hair leading down to his crotch. He starts out his solo like all the new guys do… just a bit of that “I can’t believe I’m doing this” as he reaches down to his swelling dick. But once his dick gets hard, he finds his comfort zone and shows us just how big that thing gets.

Bradley’s dick is long… and big. Even on his tall 6′ frame, his dick looks big. We estimate about 8″ or more. A full double-fister. His smooth, tanned body pumps and flexes as he jerks himself. Once he stands up, we get a look at that hairy ass crack and hole that he’s been hiding. While he’s humping the pillow, we get a great shot of all that thick, curly hair down there and in his pits. No trimming for Bradley, it’s all just natural. We can’t wait to see one of our guys get their dick in that.

Rolling over onto his back, Bradley starts to double-fist jerk his dick as his heavy breathing increases. He loves to play with the head of his dick to work himself off and we get a big load spurting out all over his abs and pecs. Even after blowing a load, his dick stays hard.

Once the solo is over, we get a fun pre-scene interview as Bradley preps his hole before his first hardcore gay scene. Derek Jones is going to get to do the honors and Bradley is going to bottom… he’s “trying to build a passage.” There’s a butt plug in his butt (first time, but “doesn’t feel too bad”) and Derek asks him how he’s feeling about doing a hardcore scene and getting fucked for the first time. He’s a bit nervous but thinks it’s “gonna be fun.” This Behind-The-Scenes interaction is one of the hottest parts. Especially when we see Derek right at the end putting a butt plug in his own hole… this is gonna be a flip scene. “You think you’re dick is bigger than that?” Derek asks. “Yeah,” laughs Bradley, “I think so.” Now Derek is nervous…

Watch Bradley Whitman rub out a nice load for GayHoopla


Date: November 10, 2017