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Ben Masters takes control and gets fucked by Freddie Daze


CockyBoys – “Dim The Lights” (Scene 3): In part 3 of Dim the Lights, our series exploring ways to make the best out of short days & cold nights, Ben Masters gets VERY creative with Freddie Daze by combining romantic candlelight AND a little kink. In this condom-free scene Ben gives Freddie a surprise by tying his hands and taking control of him for a change! While mildly protesting not being in control, Freddie soon gets excited ..especially as Ben mouth-teases the bulge in his briefs.

Ben only licks & teases Freddie’s exposed dick, nibbles on his nipples & makes out with him. Even when Ben takes out his steel-hard cock, he mischievously only strokes it and sucks his balls. Freddie begs for relief but Ben goes further by tying his wrists over his head to a rope overhead! So Ben can kiss and play with Freddie’s bod and suck his cock any way he wants. And he teases his bare ass against Freddie’s cock.

After Freddie begs to fuck, Ben finally relents and unties him. Freddie bends him over, rims him briefly and slides in his cock. As he starts fucking, Freddie takes the same tie used on him as a rein on Ben’s neck, exciting them. Freddie pounds him deep and Ben loves it. Still not ready to give in, Ben gets Freddie on his back to suck him and showing his control & kinky mood he blindfolds Freddie and drips candle wax on his torso AND cock…much to Freddie’s delight!

Ben soon starts to ride his cock enthusiastically prompting Freddie to pull off his blindfold to watch and fuck back. Freddie rims and fucks Ben on his stomach and soon has to pull out and cum over him…and into him. Freddie licks up some cum and helps Ben over the edge. He sucks him in a 69 and gleefully watches as Ben gives himself a facial. They both share the load and as they kiss joyfully Freddie is very happy with Ben’s unexpected winter delight!

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Date: December 29, 2019