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Next Door Studios
Family Cuckolds
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Spencer Laval plows Johnny B’s bare ass at Next Door Studios


Next Door Studios – “Sneaky Measures”: Johnny B has been snooping around in Spencer Laval‘s phone, and not only has he discovered that Spencer’s been cheating on his girlfriend, but he finds out he’s been doing it with a dude. Both are pretty astonishing to Johnny, but it’s definitely the 2nd revelation that has his mind working overtime. When Spencer catches him, Johnny B uses the evidence against Spencer Laval to get a little bit of that dick for himself. But when Spencer whips it out, Johnny realizes he’s going to get more than just a little bit of dick, as Spencer Laval plunges his rock hard pipe deep into Johnny’s waiting hole and fucks him until he’s too tired to tell his secrets to anyone, which is really all Johnny wanted in the first place.

Watch Spencer Laval plow Johnny B’s ass at Next Door Studios



Date: August 10, 2019