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Easton fucks Price hard and raw


Price said that he was a Power Bottom, and the bigger the better! So, I paired him with Easton who is an excellent Power Top. Price is passive, so Easton easily takes charge. I love seeing Easton’s cock slide down Price’s throat when his head is draped over the side of the bed. No escape! Price can also take a pounding. Easton fucks him HARD, while Price just takes it like a man. He keeps his cock hard while being rammed, pre-cum CONSTANTLY leaking out. I had hoped that Easton could fuck the cum out of him when they were spoon fucking, but Easton really needed to fuck upwards and nail Price’s prostate. That did the trick, and Price dumps his load while Easton hammers him with his cock. Easton jerks a load onto his hole, then shoves the rest in, filling Price up with his seed!

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Date: November 4, 2017