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Pride Studios: Connor Halsted fucks Chandler Scott


Extra Big Dicks – Special Cock: Connor Halsted and Chandler Scott are sitting in bed discussing the fact that they have both had sex with Billy. Connor asks if Billy was a little odd and if he wanted to talk about the sex when they were done. He says that Billy told him that his penis was ‘Special.’ Connor laughs and says he told him the same thing! He then asks why they have never hooked up? Since they are roommates, they just never have. But now is their moment. They start making out and then they discover each other’s cocks. Once they are out of their pants and they are stroking each other, they say that perhaps what makes them ‘Special’ is that they are both big! They share blowjobs with each other and then Connor rims Chandler’s ass. Connor then fucks Chandler in several positions. Chandler shoots his load first and then Connor pulls out and explodes with a cum shot that shoots passed Chandler’s head.

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Date: November 30, 2017