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Boys Halfway House Incident #16: Charlie gets fucked


Boys Halfway House Incident #163 – Patience And A Hard Dick: There’s a saying in the group meeting: “Patience and Hard Work.” While I agree that when it comes to good-for-nothing addicts, patience is required, it’s required a lot more for the unfortunate souls who have to put up with these fuckwads. In terms of hard work, ditto. But lucky for me, I’ve got another virtue in my bag of tricks: a hard dick. And that works a lot better than patience, let me tell you. Once these piss-ants have had there rectums blown out once or twice, they think twice before mouthing off at you or pissing you off in any way, shape or form. It’s quite primal, but it functions beautifully. I could sit in a circle singing Kum Ba Ya with these derelicts all day long and get nothing back for it up trouble and a Grade A headache. Even with our usually effective methods here at the House, guys get pulled back into their old ways. It’s almost like gravity, inertia, or any other law of nature – almost impossible to resist for the weak of will. This particular resident has had has fair share of ups and downs, and he bounced around a few Houses since the first time he moved in with us. But guess what? No one else liked him, either, and so he had no choice. I have another theory, too, which is borne out in this incident, but that’s a whole other ballgame. He’s gotten a lot better at dick sucking since the last time I had my cock in his mouth. I’m guessing he either spent some time on the streets or had a connect or manager who really like head. At any rate, it was beautiful. His mouth felt like silk, and I almost busted down his throat. I wasn’t just after a set of cum coated tonsils, though. I wanted the real deal, and I knew I’d be getting it in. After I spit on his hole, I told him to put his fingers in there to loosen it up, because he was about to get smashed. When I started fucking his cunt, I knew this was gonna be a fun sesh. He was tight as always, his bubble butt getting laid into looked great. I rolled him over to continue, and he got a boner when I touched his dick. Now, it’s not unheard of for a guy to pop a woodie even when he’s straight. A lot of times guys like him just never get touched at all, so when they do it’s physically exciting. Not common, mind you, but I’ve seen it. But I don’t think that’s the reason. I believe this poor son of a bitch has something akin to Stockholm Syndrome, and he’s now participating in his own punishment. Blows your mind, doesn’t it? It make me chuckle inside, and I made sure to keep him rock hard even as I picked up the pace. By the time I was nailing him from behind, I could tell he was getting close to busting. I told him to keep jerking until he came, and sure enough his body started to tremble while I kept it up. He shot a nice load while he was getting fucked like a little bitch! I took a look at his jizz and then just kept going. His ass feels as good as his lips, so it didn’t take me long to creampie him. I shot a bunch of cum deep inside him and even had a few spurts left over once I pulled out. It did take some patience with this one, and I finally have him exactly where I want him: compliant and liking it.

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Date: December 12, 2017