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Hayden Brier gets his tight ass fucked by Justin Matthews


Next Door Studios – “Tutor Tips”: Hayden Brier only plays dumb, as tutor Justin Matthews is finding out the more he tries to school him on things. Actually, he’s rather sharp, and the problem is that he’s easily distracted from his schoolwork by all the surrounding temptations. To that end, Justin is no help, with his perfect smile and his body just begging to jump out of his clothes. Hayden can barely pay attention to his lessons, and it’s affecting Justin’s ability to tutor instruct him. But Justin is no first-time rookie, and he understands that sometimes, in order to get through to someone, you have to go a little deeper. If the bulge in his pants is any indicator, he’s going to have to go deeper than ever with Hayden, which is just what Hayden is hoping for.

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Date: November 15, 2019