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Next Door Studios
Family Cuckolds
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Aspen gets his ass fucked by Johnny B at Next Door Studios


Next Door Studios – “I’ll Show You Scary”: It’s Halloween which means it’s time for costumes and costume parties, but the real fun happens after all the festivities have ended and Aspen & Johnny B are on their way home. There was plenty of scary figures at the party, but Johnny hasn’t seen a monster like the one Aspen has inside him. Once they both get out of the shower, Johnny unleashes his inner-demons and gives Aspen the fuck of his life, pulling no punches and getting as freaky as the holiday allows. This is one trick that’s worth the treat, as long as Aspen can keep up.

Watch Aspen bottom for Johnny B in the full-length video



Date: October 30, 2019
Actors: Aspen / Johnny B