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His super tight ass was virgin until Dirty Scout paid it a visit.


Dirty Scout #112. Looks like students in the Czech Republic are having more and more trouble to get through school due to lack of money. This young man was studying a business school but had to look for a full-time job to simply get by. Good for him that he knew how to operate a forklift, I had loads of jobs like that open. Fortunately for me, he had no idea it was no premium job. He had a tempting body so I started to bargain. It wasn’t easy because the boy knew his price well. He claimed to be so innocent and yet he gorged on my cock like if it was his daily routine. On the other hand, his super tight ass was definitely virgin until I paid her a visit. It wasn’t easy for our greedy boy. After we were done, he could barely focus. It was so bad he almost left all his stuff at my office.

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Date: December 12, 2017