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Hugh and Joey get ankel deep into Sam and Axel


Club Inferno Dungeon : World Series of Fisting. The scoring for the competition is close and it’s wide open as to who could win. As a bonus round, the judges decide to submit the contestants to getting footed to see who has what it takes to come out on top. Hugh Hunter and Joey D prepare their feet for the bonus round before Sam Syron and Axel Abysse enter to start the competition. Sam takes on Joey and Axel pairs with Hugh as they grease up and hop on the feet. The toes enter the gaping holes and the guys begin bouncing. Axel wants to show off his presentation and lets his rosebud make an appearance before he continues with a foot up his ass. Sam pulls ahead with technique and gets the foot punching down to impress the judges. It’s a close game with lots of grinding and grunting and feet going further into each of their assholes. Axel and Sam take on different techniques to get the deepest penetration with a variety of bouncing and writhing to get the job done. Each of the guys gets ankle deep and keeps going to prove that they’re the winner. When the judges have seen all they need to see, they reward the guys with a round of jacking off where both Sam and Axel get the release they need from a hard day of extreme fisting competition. When the jizz hits the floor, the winner is chosen, and this year’s World Series of Fisting champion walks away with the golden trophy.

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Date: December 14, 2017