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Luca Beckham gets fucked by Cory Kane


CockyBoys: Luca Beckham is eager to see where porn takes him and he’s pretty fearless by taking on Cory Kane’s big dick early on. Fortunately there’s genuine chemistry and Cory’s patience with Luca, knowing his cock is a challenge. They make out together on the sofa, passionately kissing and slowly undressing. Cory sucks Luca first and pulls out his thick, hard cock to give him a preview, but he goes right back to undressing Luca and sucking him again. Luca finally dives in and gorges himself on Cory’s fat cock and big balls and gets vocal encouragement to take more. Cory soon is ready to take the next step and fully rims and eats out Luca’s ass. Again taking his time he primes Luca with extensive rimming before taking him to the bed. There he teases him by sliding the length of his cock along Luca’s crack and Luca signals he’s ready by raising his ass to meat his humping. Still Cory slides in slowly giving Luca time to get used to his baseball bat and continues to move on the moaning bottom with incremental speed and depth. After fucking him on his stomach Cory leans back on the bed, still deep inside Luca and lets him ride his pole. Now it’s Cory who’s impressed as Luca bounces up and down skillfully giving his top pleasure and bringing him closer. Cory succinctly tells Luca he wants to pump the cum out of him and fucks him on his back, not holding back at all until Luca jacks off a gigantic load that explodes up and over his body. Cory follows by jacking a load out of his engorged beercan cock. Both guys are speechless at the end because no words are necessary. Just more passionate kissing that says it all.

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Date: December 8, 2017