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Frat boys Tito Amato and Michael Turner fuck


Twinks in Shorts: Hunky college frat boy Tito Amato needs to blow off steam in between massages. He also has a big dick and likes to show off. The tattooed hottie is busy stroking his cock and pulling on his balls when adorable twink Michael Turner shows up for a unique prostate massage. The two get right down to business. They don’t even bother with the massage table! That’s how badly Michael needs Tito’s service. The handsome hunk get his hands slippery with oil, and starts working Michael’s ass. He stretches the twink’s hole using his fingers and even his big toe! But that’s not enough for Michael, who aches for something bigger and harder. Tito shoves his big dick in Michael’s face before sliding his fat, uncut tool up Michael’s ass. Tito bareback fucks the hungry ass, massaging the twink’s prostate with the head of his cock. And after a good raw pounding, Tito leaves Michael with a stretched out and cummy hole, seeding his sweet ass before Michael blows a load of his own all over his belly.

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Date: December 11, 2017