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Colby Jansen punishes Nate Grimes and Gabriel Dalessandro


Fetish Force : Fetish Findr. Gabriel Dalessandro and Nate Grimes are busy sucking on Master Colby Jansen’s big hard cock. Colby gets great pleasure from spanking his slaves and is ready to redden the guys’ asses. He instructs Nate to bend over his knee and to take Gabriel’s throbbing cock down his throat. Colby is relentless with his punishment and soon Nate’s cheeks are as red as apples. Nate begs for more as Colby continues to warm up his ass with the spanking. Colby is getting worked up as he punishes Nate and soon he’s hard as a rock. He slips his fat cock deep into Nate’s smooth hole and starts working himself up as he pumps away and stretches his slave out. Nate continues to get his butt reamed and keeps sucking on Gabriel’s big stiff one to satisfy both of his hungry holes. Colby can sense that Nate is ready to blow and finger fucks the stud until his cock erupts with a geyser of thick, white jizz. The whole time, Gabriel keeps a strong gaze with his new master and is careful to wait for just the right moment to beg Colby to fuck him. ‘Please Sir, is it my turn?’ Gabriel calls over his buddy’s cum-soaked body. Will Colby be in a giving mood, or will he leave Gabriel hanging and possibly even punish him for speaking up?

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Date: January 4, 2018