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It’s nice to fuck a married guy at the office


Dirty Scout #117. It’s nice to have married guys at the office from time to time. They are usually more reasonable than some teenagers with their stupid dreams. I particularly love to make them naughty things to get money for their families. This 25 years old guy was a former truck driver, he had a wife and two kids. He wanted a better job to be able to support them. I had a great position right for him but it wasn’t for free. And I’m not talking about our fee. He couldn’t afford it anyways so I went straight to the point and offered him my help. I wonder if he was thinking about his poor wife while I was drilling his hairy asshole. As I always say: it’s not cheating if there is no vagina involved. I’m sure he bought her something nice if his conscience needed to be cleaned.

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Date: January 31, 2018