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Matthew Camp and Liam Lee fuck in the final Camp Chaos episode

0% – “Camp Chaos: Hell’s Kitchen”: In the final episode of Camp Chaos, Matthew Camp recounts the time he spent with a lover in Hell’s Kitchen. Matthew remembers rimming his hairy ass and getting into bed with him after a long day, sheltering against the ever-present sounds of sirens on the street outside. Matthew begins interviewing men to help him recreate this formative experience, but when he meets Liam Lee the connection is instant and powerful. The two bearded men shower and groom each other tenderly, enjoying each other’s bodies and company as they joke and play. Liam tells Matthew about a steamy four-way encounter he had in Hawaii before the pair move into the bedroom to make a new memory. Matthew explores Liam’s hairy body, kissing him passionately as they share an intense and intimate encounter.

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Date: August 30, 2019
Actors: Matthew Camp