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Quentin gainz and Alex fuck Ryan Jordan


Active Duty. Ryan is the first to kick back and let Quentin service his big cock while Alex feeds his cock deep into his open mouth. Ryan gags on Alex’s big dick as Quentin worships Ryan’s throbbing dick. Ryan takes a quick break and lets Alex in on the action. Alex lies out on the bed as Quentin’s eager mouth begins to suck on his hard dick. This is all new to Alex and he is very open to the whole situation as he looks down at Quentin worshipping his hard cock. Alex moans with some pleasure and soon enough Ryan is back trying out the new cock in his mouth as Quentin maneuvers over to Ryan and gets on his knees to continue blowing him. Quentin is always taking the reins and he is first to open up Ryan’s tight ass with his hard cock. Quentin pushes deep into Ryan making him take Alex’s dick balls deep on his chin as Quentin continues to fuck him. Quentin takes a back seat and lets Alex fuck Ryan’s ass for the very first time. Alex can’t believe how great a man’s ass feels as he is balls deep in Ryan. Alex lets Quentin finish Ryan off as he stuffs his dick into Ryan’s mouth and watches Quentin pound deep into Ryan. These soldiers balls are built up as one by one they nut all over Ryan leaving him with jizz all over his face and ass which makes him blast his load all over the sheets.

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Date: January 1, 2018