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Calvin jerks off and shoots his load at Active Duty


Active Duty: Calvin has big juicy lips that hypnotize you in to thinking just how amazing it would be to have them wrapped around your cock or better yet seeing him worship one of our vets. His body is in amazing condition and he has some very well placed ink. His look and those hot lips of his will drive you crazy as he begins to tug on his hard cock. His beautiful thick lips and eyes stare right at you as he strokes his throbbing cock slowly. He waves at the camera hoping to get some fans which I’m sure he will once this hits the web. Calvin will draw you in with his gaze and mesmerize you with his succulent lips. You can see his veins almost popping out of his skin as he grips his cock stroking every inch of his shaft. The man is so smooth you could lick him clean with no resistant. I have a strong feeling we will see Calvin with some of our vets real soon. Calvin gives the call to Claude and soon after he shoots his creamy built up load all over himself. What a great ending as Calvin tells us how amazing it was to release that hot load.

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Date: February 15, 2018
Actors: Calvin (AD)