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Tim Tank shows us just how hard this thick dick can get


Active Duty. Tim Tank has one beefy cock. It’s thick like a soda can and he’s always got his hands full. Tim is a quiet fellow but such a nice young man. He was gracious enough to ease onto our couch and get comfortable enough to let us film him while he stroked that thick dick of his. He has some ink on his arms and he is moderately hairy but his hair is right where it should be. He strokes his big dick slowly with a bear grip and he loves to tug on his balls. When he stares into the camera stroking his thick meat you feel as if he knows exactly what you are doing. With every stroke of that dick it becomes more and more veiny showing us just how hard this thick dick can get. You can hear Tim’s breathing get deeper as he finally releases his well built up load all over himself like a fountain.

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Date: February 22, 2018
Actors: Tim Tank