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Adam Ramzi gets fucked by Boomer Banks


CockyBoys. Longtime friends Boomer Banks & Adam Ramzi get “deep” flip-fucking in their FIRST scene together, a new CockyBoys Fans Only (CBFO) scene via Boomer’s BoomBoxx all-sex line! Boomer and Adam get comfortably intimate in the bathroom with a naked haircut that glides right into kissing. It’s with this same ease that Adam necks with Boomer and slips his growing cock into him. Soon though the bathroom is just too small for their big love so they move to the bed. As Boomer lies back Adam gives him as much pleasure as one mouth can do. He slowly sucks every inch of his fat cock, he rims his ass, kisses him passionately and tantalizes his nipples before returning to fuck him. At the same Adam makes sure his mouth continues giving Boomer intense pleasure. Boomer starts to take a little more control by riding on top of Adam’s thrusting cock and soon both guys are on the edge. However, they switch roles seamlessly and Boomer starts fucking a breathless Adam. Boomer fucks Adam deep with suck power he almost pounds him off the bed. But Adam takes every inch and still wants more. He gets on top and rides Boomer’s jack-hammering cock and still works his hole deeper. Adam proves he can take the full force of Boomer’s cock when he’s fucked standing up against the glass bathroom door. Boomer finishes Adam off on his back and quickly pulls out to cum over his freshly fucked hole. He slips his still hard cock in to help Adam get off with his own edged up load. They share a sweet & affectionate post-sex kiss, as natural as their longtime friendly chemistry.

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Date: March 9, 2018